The Express League system is targeted to address three user groups: Families, Teams, and Organizational Administrators. Through ease of use funcationality, the person best able to address certain needs is given the tools to do so. Whether it be uploading documentation, correcting address information, letting the organization know they want to volunteer or other tasks. ExpressLeague enables families to interact with the organization.

Express League helps organization administrators focus on what really matters. Through intuitive dashboards and wizards, tasks such as reviewing registrations and document management become simple. Establishing new seasons, opening camps/events, and adjusting teams/groups can be done in seconds. Below are just some of the features Express League has to offer.

Online / Kiosk Registration

A mobile and multi-device friendly online registration process is provided. Participants can also register using onsite kiosks that administrators can enable. Organization specific details can be set up for a customized registration process that includes collecting payments by credit cards, debit cards, checks, and cash. A complete multi-payment system is also enabled including various ways to refund and credit orders.


It is important to have the ability to reach out quickly and effectively via email, text, or social media to ensure that everyone is fully informed of what is happening. The entire organization, a team or a group of teams can be contacted all at once and can make a world of difference to an administrator, a coach, or the parents.


Running a sports league requires administrators to maintain a multitude of documents including: medical releases, concussion training and awareness forms, volunteer applications, birth certificates, and the list goes on. Express League has the answer.

  • Online Storage - Store your documents securely online and keep them for the life of the player
  • Stop duplication - No need to collect the same documents every single year from the same person
  • Tracking and Workflow - Track all requirements necessary for every player, volunteer and parent
  • Distributed Transparency - Transparency all the way down to your coaches
  • Automated Notification - Notify parents of documents that are missing in a few easy keystrokes
  • End-User Uploads - Give parents and coaches a link to upload documents directly to the system so that administrators can quickly check validity and approve


Making a payment for a registration is effortless through the Account Center. Payments are accounted for, balances kept track of, and reports created in a snap. Electronic payments can be procssed using a credit card through the portal and cash/check payments can be tracked just as easy by the administrator. Coupons can be used and discounts offered with the click of a button.

Teams and Rosters

Create a team, assign available participants, and get your season underway in a matter of minutes using our roster manager. If your organization uses a drafting process, we can help there too.

Parent Portal

Managing your organization is as simple as a few clicks and parents have the capability of doing so much more with their portal; like maintaining documentation, managing family profiles, viewing registrations and taking care of an outstanding balanceā€¦in a single pane. The simplicity of this portal takes the burden away from the volunteer administrator.

Volunteer Management

Volunteers are the heartbeat of the organization. A volunteer can be easily managed via the volunteer dashboard, where opportunities can be created and document compliance tracked as required by the organization. Ensuring that the organization has all of their volunteer data in order can bring peace of mind for the administrator.

View History

Having the ability to see where you were at in the registration process, how many teams you had, or how many dollars were brought into the organization in the past few years can help the administrator set goals and know where they need to focus their efforts. Reporting on the data that has been collected over time makes the administrator feel like they fully understand their organization.

Organization Knowledge Base

Sharing information is critical to the success of the organization. Express League provides an extensive knowledge base system to parents, coaches, and other members of the organization. Documents can be uploaded or created within the system and secured using role based privileges.

Customizable Website

Administrators have the ability to create, customize and manage the organization webpage to fit their specific needs. Keeping a simple and professional look makes the site clean and crisp. All content is mobile responsive; meaning that it scales to fit on a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone.